Book cafe at Shu's Bar

I went to a Ryokan "Sushiyone" to take photos for making a brochure.
While I was taking photos some customers came into Shusiyone.

It's Wednesday, so the customers of Shu's Bar came.

(Shu's Bar is a bar inside Sushiyone and is open at 20: 00 ~ 23: 30 on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.)


After finished the photo shooting, I went to Shu's Bar to say goodbye to the owner, and I saw a familiar face in the bar!

Me "Huh? Mr. Tokiwa. Hi! how you doing?"

Tokiwa "Oh, Mr. Fukumoto. Hi! It's Book Cafe Day tonight. The theme this time is "Education" and we will talk about it referring to these 3 books. Would you like to join us?"

Me "Ohh, that sounds interesting. But I'm going home tonight. Excuse me. I'll definitely join next time."

Book Cafe Keihoku is held every month, members choose and read a few books that match the theme and they talk about it. It sounds fun.but I never participated yet...

*(Mr. Tokiwa is working to revitalize Keihoku as the Kyoto City's Revitalization Unit "Kagayakitai".)

A fishermen from Miyazu city was participating in it tonight.

the fisherman said, "There will be fishing tomorrow morning, so I have to go back first in the morning."

It takes about 2 hours from Miyazu city to Keihoku. But He really wanted to participate in the book cafe that made me really want to participate in it.

Drinking and talking about education. That must be fun.
As I'm a father of three children, I want to say something about the modern educational context.

Next month, the Book Bar will be held at Shu's Bar on February 26.

Why don't you join them?

Even if you drink alcohol at Shu's bar, you can stay at the Ryokan Sushiyone, so people from far away can easily join.

You can check the information of the book cafe Keihoku on the facebook page.

Ryokan Sushiyone
phone: 075-852-0032
15 -2 Shimoge, Keihoku-Shuzan-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 601 0251, Japan

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