SATOYAMA education program ①

University students majoring in psychology from Kentucky, USA, participated our satoyama experience tour.

They were expected to learn the spirituality of Japan and satoyama. The tour was three days 4 night. We share the living life in satoyama and spirituality through the lecture, experience and interaction with local peoples.


Day 1. Introduction of Keihoku-spirituality of living life in satoyama, Keihoku.

Day2. Visit Kuzu shrine. Waterfall trekking.
Soba lunch at local restaurant.
Sake tasting at local brewery.
Visit the local Japanese confectionary.
Visit Kayabuki-no-sato (thatched house village) in Miyama.

Day 3. Experience Zen meditation in Eirinji temple
Natto mochi and Keihoku soup cooking workshop.
Chopsticks and straw craft making workshop.
Visit Jyoshoukouji temple.

Day 4. Feedback workshop

Why don't you come and visit Satoyama Keihoku.
If you want experience real spirits of Japanese coutryside satoyama!