SATOYAMA educational program②

I used to be a backpacker and I have been asked these questions "What do you believe?", "Tell me about Japanese religion.".
But I could not answer those questions clearly, and I felt ashamed myself.

Shinto and Buddhism are two mejor religion in Japan.

Shinto is an indigenous religion which worshiping for nature and ansesters.
And Buddhism was introduced from China in the 6th century. Since then, the two religions have been co-existing harmoniously.
Sometimes I see a buddha statue in grounds of Shinto shrine, and a small Shinto shrine in grounds of Buddhism temple.

So most Japanese consider themselves Buddhist, Shintoist or both.

And, as a culture, ideologies and teachings of the two religions are definitely blend into our life.
You could feel and understand more about Japanese spirituality by being at a shrine or a temple not just reading.