Zazen meditation at Eirinji temple

To introduce the spirituality of Japan, we went to Eirinji temple to experience the "Zazen" meditation with the university students from the US.

Eirinji temple is one of a Japanese Zen-Buddhism sect called "Soto". The Buddhism training of Soto, it's not a training for get a spiritual awakening, everyday life is the Zen training. They not only sit and meditate. They spend whole day with Zen manner.

The chief priest told us about Zen and how to sit while"Zazen" meditation. Then we practice Zazen all together. In Zazen meditation of Soto, we sit and look the wall and gaze at one point. We did a 15min meditation twice.

We also tried a walking meditation called "Keihin
", between the Zazen meditation.

Zen meditation is not a regular tour option. But we are planning to offer this special experience to everyone who comes to Keihoku. So please look foreword to it and participate the tour if it comes up!

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