How to get around in Keihoku by local bus

One day, my friend asked me "Could you tell me how do I get around in Keihoku, if I go there without car ? "

And my answer is "There is local bus called 'Furusato bus' that can take you everywhere in Keihoku" (Bus with green lines)

None of the Furusato bus drivers speak English, but it could be fun to communicate with them. You just need tell them your destination very simply and clearly. It would be easier for them to understand if you point where you want to go on a map.

The bus is used by students and elderly people mainly.

I'd like non-local people to use Furusato bus more to keep the bus running.

If no furusato bus, it's very hard for people who use it.

It's not so busy on day time. Bus drivers should have some time to help you out.

Places where we have introduced on this blog are always near bus stop. So It won't be too difficult.

You'd better to check the bus schedule at bus terminal or at a bus stop. Because if you miss a bus, then you need to wait a bus for another hour or longer time.


Now you can servive and enjoy Keihoku bus trip.

So please visit Keihoku to see the real country side of Japan.

(Photo is Keihoku bus terminal)

How to access Keihoku

Take JR bus of Takao/Keihoku Line from Kyoto station (terminal no.3) via Omiya, Nijo and Enmachi station. Shuzan terminal is a final stop and it takes around 1 hour 30 mins from Kyoto station. Transport fare costs 1180 yen, or you can use Japan Rail Pass.