Satoyama cherry blossom information 6

Recently the weather is really unstable.

It gets - 1 degree at night time and gets 15 degrees at day time.

You'd better prepare an extra coat if you have hanami party.


There is an esoteric Buddhism temple "Hosenji" with beautiful weeping cherry blossoms.

And They have Sakura matsuri (Cherry blossom festival) every year at this time from April 11th(Thu) to April 21st(Sun).

You can buy local vegetables, handmade Oden, Zenzai, Mochi, Sakura sushi and more.
It cost only 120yen.

I go there every year.


You can experience esoteric Buddhism custom there such as Sutra copying (donation for 1000yen.) April 13th to 14th only.
*To join this class you gotta be able to write Japanese or Chinese.

It's a free entrance, please feel free to drop in.

15higashi watari, Shimokumata-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku,Kyoto
Tel: 075-852-0407

Please check the Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama all to yourself to get to know good cherry blossoms viewing spots and restaurant information in Keihoku.