Kuroda hundred year cherry tree

Many cherry trees start blossoming in Keihoku.

There is a rare specie of cherry tree called "hundred years cherry tree" in Kuroda Keihoku.

This cherry is planted in Kasuga Shrine and the tree is estimated to be 300 years old. The trunk is about 3 m thick and about 6 m high.

It is a large cherry tree and the blossom has 10-12 petals, it is a mutant specie of mountain cherry tree.

It is a very rare specie.


There is an old wooden storehouse was built in the 14th century in Kasuga Shrine.

I went to the shrine and see the cherry tree this morning.

Bud of cherry was getting bigger, but I think it takes another 10 days to bloom.

They have a local festival "Kuroda hundred year cherry festival" in this coming weekend 13th and 14th.

It would be nice to look at cherry blossoms and have a relaxed time in Keihoku.

春日神社 表.JPG

Kasuga shrine & hundred year cherry tree

Address: 90 Miyano, Miya-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city


Kekihoku furusato bus : Bus stop "Miya" a minute walk from the bus stop.