World folk dance workshop

Yesterday, I participated in the folk dance event "Dancing and Traveling Countries of the World!" at Auru Keihoku.

This time I learned folk dances from Armenia, Albania, Romania and Hungary.

Men, women, and children who gather at the workshop hold hands together and dance in a circle.

By connecting your hands, you can create a sense of unity, different from Japanese Bon festival dance.

First of all, I dance slowly while coping the teacher's steps, according to the great live music of flute, violin, guitar and drum by professional musicians.

Gradually the tempo gets faster and desperate to keep up! But I am getting used to it gradually.

Smiles are overflowing naturally, it is addictive! When it is over, everyone naturally praises each other with applause!
It is a very good body exercise, and brain exercise! !

I had so much fun!

The main organizer (flute player) Mr. Taro Kishimoto said, "There are many dances holding hands in a circle in the world, but there are not many dances in Japan like that kind of style, so I would like to spread it from Keihoku."

next time is on July 6(Saturday)

Don't miss it!

Please check more info on facebook event page.