Keihoku Open Garden 2019

The other day, I visited my neighbor Keiko-san' to check out her Open Garden.

We have many garden lovers in Keihoku and they organize "Keihoku Open Garden 2019" every year and it's the 12th year this year.

It will be held in the garden of 18 homes in Keihoku.
She loves walking in the mountains, knows a lot of mountain trees and flowers.
Keiko-san has 80 kinds of trees, and there are about 80 kinds of wildflowers in her garden.

This is a noble orchid.

This is a fritillaria bulb. The curled leaves are pretty.

This is a Chinese mayapple.

It is the first time to see the flower of Kuromoji. Kuromoji is a tree branch that is used as a toothpick to eat sweets for tea ceremony.
It has a good aromatic smell.

This is a rhododendron it used to be the town flower when Keihoku was the town (now it's part of Kyoto city). I hear that it is difficult to grow.
This rhododendron is around 20 years.


This is kinki mamezakura(Cerasus incisa). It is classified as mountain cherry.

These are only a few of her collection, but she showed me lots of flowers and trees along with her pleasant explanations.

Each open garden has different flowers in defferent season, so please come and look.

" The 12th Keihoku Open Garden 2019"
April 7 (Sun)-September 29 (Sun)


By car ... From Meishin Expressway, get off at Kyoto Minami IC or Kyoto East IC.
Take Route 162 Line Fukuoji intersection to Takao, Nakagawa, Onogo and get to Keihoku.
By public transportation ... Take the JR Bus Takao / Keihoku Line bound for "Shuzan"at Kyoto Station.
※ Gardens are dotted in a large area. Walking on foot is hard.
Please use a car, a taxi , a bus or rent a bike.