Satoyama cherry blossom information 8

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Keihoku, so beautiful.
When I look at the fallen cherry blossoms' petals.


I found a four-leaf clover. yeah!!!

I feel like something good is gonna happen.

This weeping cherry blossom is introduced on "Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama (farming landscape near the mountains) all to yourself"

Shoot on April 18th

Looking great from the bottom.

DSC_9730.jpgThis cherry blossom is in Maruyama Park

It seems that the 100-year cherry tree of Kuroda, which I introduced the other day on this blog, has finally blossomed.

We have full bloom cherry blossoms everywhere in Keihoku.

This weekend would be last time to see cherry blossoms for this season.
It seems like the weather is good on the weekend.
So if you have no plan for the weekend, why don't you come and look cherry blossoms in Keihoku?