Easy Camping in Utsukyo

Looking at the Ayu fishing blog the other day,
I talked with the other staff about summer leisure.

"Camping is very popular these days! Outdoor magazines often feature camping."
Our staff Mr. S said.

There is a nice campsite in Keihoku!
That is "Utsukyo Park".

A large outdoor facility where adults and children can relax and enjoy the clear stream of Kamikatsura river surrounded by greenery.
There are 21 auto campsites and 7 cottages, and you can also use them for day camping.

In fact, the popular campsite is already fully booked on Saturday of July and August.
But there are still vacancies on Sundays and weekdays, so please contact them if you want to use there.

I asked the staff of the park,
"Do you have any recommendations for camping in the coming season?"

"The fireflies are about to fly this month, you can see them near the campsite.
And in July and August, we will hold a summer limited event to catch ayu (sweetfish), anyone can join the event who are using the campsite."


"And our best activity is rafting!
Children from 4 years old can experience it with the guidance of an instructor.
Everybody loves it.
It will be held twice a month from June to October. Please check the time when you make a reservation.
Please come and enjoy the summer of Keihoku full of greenery! "

Enjoy a fun outdoor experience in summer in Keihoku!

Kyoto City Utsukyo Park
601 - 0266
1 Mukaiyama, Shimoutsu-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
TEL 075-855-1950
* For more information and availability, please contact