The fireflies temptation

I was invited to a home party at my friend's house today.

The children who were playing outside at night came into the house excited.

"Hey!! Look, look, I got it."

There is a firefly on the palm.


Ohh It's beautiful.

When I went to the nearby river, some fireflies were frying and dancing.

It was chilly outside only 15 degrees because it was raining today. So not many fireflies were flying.

(The top photo was taken a few years ago.)
Usually, I see a lot of fireflies around this time of year, but I haven't seen a lot of them this year yet.

Fireflies come out and fry around 20 o'clock on a warm humid day.

When you go to see fireflies, you'd better wear the long sleeves and boots to protect yourself from bugs and vipers in the grass by the river.

Please also prepare onion head.

The local grandma told me,
It is said that people used to bring onion head when locals go to see fireflies.
Caught a firefly and put it in the hollow of a onion.

It is transparent and beautiful.

It's really impressive to see fireflies dancing like crazy. (I mean to see many fireflies flying gently.)

How about coming to Keihoku to see fireflies?
The spots for fireflies are
Please refer to this map of fireflies in Keihoku. (From the Kyoto City HP)