The way to enjoy Satoyama at Farm stay "Goemon" ①

I think the attraction of Keihoku is that traditional Satoyama life still remains.

Then, how can we enjoy that!?

As an answer to this question, I would like to introduce you to an accommodation facility 'Goemon' where you rent an old private house.

I had an interview with the owner of Goemon Mr. Masanori Tanaka and Mrs. Nami Tanaka.

As the name Goemon suggests, you can take a bath in Goemonburo (a type of bathtub) heated with firewood.

I think it's very rare to bathe in the Goemonburo that will warm you up to the bone.


(What you can see in the middle of the picture is the door of Goemonburo's stove.)

The attraction is not only Goemonburo.

If you stay at Goemon, it covers all the keywords (Irori fireplace, okudosan (fire cooking stove), firewood cutting, firewood stove, Goemon bath, harvesting experience, cooking experience, wells, etc.) country experience that many people imagine.

It's fun to stay overnight without meals, rent a house with family and friends, and spend a relaxing time in private.

Kitchenware and tableware are prepared so that you can bring in ingredients and cook by yourself.

You can feel as if you have a villa of an old private house. If I think so, it's much cheaper to stay at Goemon than a villa.

Of course, you can book meals.

You can eat homegrown new rice by Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka from the middle of September. So it's a new rice season.

Their farm is just one min walk from Goemon, so you can experience harvesting vegetables. Freshly picked vegetables are the best.


Have you ever eaten rice cooked with a fire stove?

It's really tasty.

I recommend you to have a BBQ at the Irori fireplace for dinner.


Isn't it great that you can make a charcoal BBQ with your friends inside the house?

You don't have to worry about mosquitoes like outside.

They will prepare the meat from Tokiwa meat shop, they only sale Japanese A4 or A5 black beef (wagyu) that we introduced on this blog before.

In the winter season, the irori fireplace is great for hotpot using seasonal vegetables.

Nami-san is a really good cook.
If you stay more than 2 nights, they will serve you a special secret menu by Nami-san.


Okudosan's okonomiyaki. It's exquisite.

Nami-san is from Osaka, so the taste of Okonomiyaki is real.

You can enjoy home cooking according to four seasons.

This is freshly fried skewers.


"What are you going to have next? Please have some more." Nami-san says.

It's a happy time to serve freshly fried skewers on a plate.

It feels good to be in a daze in this kind of life.


Nami-san is also a potter, so you can buy her works.


Let me introduce you to my friend from Venus.

There is an active well.

I will introduce more about Goemon in the latter part on the next blog.

2 Kefe, Shimokumada-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 601 0272
Free transport to Shuzan Bus Terminal (Parking available)
Tel 075-855-1700
mobile 090-8932-8269