The way to enjoy Satoyama at Farm stay "Goemon" ②

Continuing on from the previous blog, I introduce a farm stay accommodation "Goemon.


One of the attractions of Goemon is the location, and there are many spots to visit within walking distance.

A stained-glass workshop gallery YU, wood Crafts where you can make a chair using wood and rope, Hosenji Temple, and the river with fireflies(late-June to mid-July).

You can also rent a bicycle at Goemon.

But I think the best attraction is the hosts Masanori-san and Nami-san.

They have fantastic hospitality.

They are very open-minded and easy to talk with.
They used to backpack abroad for a long time when they are young. That time they found a really good guesthouse, so they are trying to make Goemon like that guesthouse.

That's why good vibes.

The other day, when I visited Goemon, I met an internship student who was staying there for a while.
And I asked her that "what do you think about Goemon?".

She answered,

"It's been a really great experience this experience is like real living in the countryside rather than just experiencing the countryside. Masanori-san and Nami-san taking me everywhere, and I was surprised by their natural interactions with neighbors every day. I've met a lot of interesting persons of their friends, and each conversation is very deep and really fun.
I study nutrition at university. It's normal for everyone to eat meals together at Goemon. That is very impressive for me. Because I usually live alone, and from the viewpoint of food education, food is not only nutritional aspects, I think important to have good warm vibes for eating place."


(Photo from left: Nami-san, Masanori-san, Kanemoto-san)

Masanori-san is very passionate about cultural exchange and has great knowledge, and of course, loves conversion with guests.

Guests also love conversion with Masanori-san.

Maybe now you could imagine what Goemon is like?

And now you can check that I'm telling truth or not by staying at Goemon.

2 Kefe, Shimokumada-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 601 0272
Free transport to Shuzan Bus Terminal (two Parking lots available)
Tel: 075-855-1700
mobile: 090-8932-8269