Taro's taros

Keihoku farmers proudly grow a kind of taros (potato) called "Kodakara imo" only in Keihoku in the world. 太郎さんの子宝芋2.JPG

I visited one of the farmer who grows the taros organically.

His name is Taro Fujita.

What a coincidence! Taro grows taros.

So, I asked Mr.Taro "how's taros growing for this year?"

"This year was very difficult for farmers.Because we had many rainy days and typhoons. I planted 3,000 taro's seedlings but I could harvest only 400 taros." Mr. Taro answered.

"It's really important to have good water to grow good taros. We have beautiful water in Keihoku, so I can promise you Keihoku's taros are one of the best taros in Japan"
Mr. Taro added.

You can buy taros at local farmers market(Michi no eki) " Woody Keihoku". A bag of taros selling on 200 to 400 yen.

Please visit Keihoku to taste only one kind of taros in the world.

"Woody Keihoku" was introduced on our blog "taste of autumn".