Mr. Kaneko with Chinese cabbage

Look at this huge Chinese cabbage!

Mr kaneko's face looks smaller than usual by holding it.

The real winter has come.

In this cold weather, winter vegetables are ready too. Japanese radish, turnip, Chinese cabbage and so on.

Today, Mr. Kaneko the head officer of the Keihoku brunch of Kyoto city government came to our office and said "This is for you, a local farmer shared this with me!" And, he gave us the Chinese cabbage.

Mr. Kaneko is charming and always taking care of locals. Locals like him a lot as like their boss.

Chinese cabbage gets really tasty in this cold weater.

But, how would I eat it??

Let me see...

Yes, let me make a hot pot for dinner tonight!

Every Sunday 9AM to 11am"Keihoku morning market" is held at Keihoku brunch office's parking. You can buy fresh vegetables from local farmers.