Zen style coffee

The other day, I read a book about Zen how to keep Zen mind in your daily life.

How do you usual get and drink coffee?

I usual drip coffee at home or I buy coffee at a café or a convenience store.

The book says
"the process is the most enjoyable, so take more time and give more effort.

Go to forest and pick up firewood, make fire and boil water and drip coffee then you could get special coffee time."

I live in mountain, I can try this way right now!

So I went to pick up firewood with my daughter.


I made a small bonfire and put a kettle on the fire.


My wife joined us later on and cooked a French toast on the fire as well.


Needless to say, with the time and the efforts,

the coffee and the French toast tasted wonderful.


I really enjoyed the whole process and the relaxing time after the meal.

Is this the way of the Zen? Maybe it is.
I felt so rich.