butterbur shoot "Fuki no tou"

When I looked at one corner of the garden,

Fukunoto! ! (butterbur shoot) It is still cold, but spring seems to be coming soon. When I picking it, sniffing the smell of it, um, the unique smell makes me feeling spring. I took a walk around the house to find it more, but I could not find any other butterbur shoot. Today's harvest is five! DSC_7286.jpg After enjoying sence of smell, of course, we will taste it. In order to enjoy the taste of it, this time we made butterbur shoot tempura. DSC_7293.jpg Unique flavor and bitterness, its fantastic taste.
So my daughter picked it up with herself too, so she expected the taste very good , "Bitter, not tasty ...". I think it hard for children to understand the beautiful taste of butterbur shoot yet. I am looking forward to finding the spring edible wild plants. Please look at another blog about feels of spring.