Wild mountain plants tempura

It's very nice to have a sunny day in springtime.

In the morning, basking in the sun, hanging out washing, and cleaning the room・・・.

Many things can be done easily on a warm day.

After that, I got hungry and I checked the refrigerator, but nothing inside.

It takes 15 mins to the nearest supermarket by car.

well, I don't feel like to go shopping just getting lunch.

Then, I and my wife decided to harvest wild edible plants for lunch.

Dandelions, horsetails, vetches, Japanese pepper, butterbur, ostrich fern, honewort, and mugworts.


A lot of edible plants are growing around my house.

Thanks, nature!

Mix the edible plants with flour, then fry them to tempura.


Kakiage(tempura) don! (brown one is natto fermented soy)



Taste full of spring.

It's addicted.

Getting the fresh organic wild plants for free.

This is so rich. isn't it?

Why don't you try it!?