Miso making workshop

How are you doing? Enjoying spring?

I got cold by the temperature gap in my GW.

And every I always think my diet over when I get cold.
And I try reducing meats and sweets, eat vegetables more, take supplements, try fasting, eat fermented foods more, etc.
Rather, I have whatever I like for my soul.

Then think over again.

For this time my answer is "Have a Miso soup every day".

Do you know Miso?

Miso is fermented Japanese traditional food made of soy and rice with koji fungus, and salt.

(There is wheat miso that made of soy and wheat with koji fungus.)

At my house, I use wheat miso made by my mother from Kyushu and the rice miso by my wife from miso making workshop.

(Wheat miso is popular in Kyushu and Shikoku.)

Miso gets milder and better taste after 6 months by fermentation.

(If it's warm fermentation is quicker.)

It's really good for health.

A little while ago, My wife participated in the Miso making workshop by Jun Hoshino the miso master in the old house cafe "Kikuya Cafe" in Kuroda area of Keihoku.


Adults and kids mushing and mixing soy and rice koji together with wishing miso to be good taste and giving love into it.

Musicians played live music to make miso good taste. (It seems work somehow.)

Wait for a half year of fermentation, then the miso is ready to eat.

When I eat the miso, I would remember everyone's face at the workshop and remember today's delightful memory. It's fun like a time capsule.

Why don't you try making miso?

You can buy very good taste miso in Woody Keihoku made by Yamaguni Sakigake center's local gramas.

Kikuya cafe
Yamaguni Sakigake center