Entomophagy"stink bug"

Small guests visit every evening to my house without notice.

They are like a ninja. We don't know when and how they get in.

So they are stink bugs.


"Why stink bugs come in our house?" my 5 years old daughter asked me.

"Because they like warm places. And they are friends of mine" I answered her.
But I pick them up and take them out of the house.

After a while, I got to be in charge of stink bug. So my job is taking them out of the house.

Sometimes, my daughter tells me "Hey dad, your friends are visiting you again!" This means that "Take them out" by Kyoto style of saying. (Kyoto people say things indirectly.)

The other day, so many small friends visited our house and they were having a party in our living room.

OK, I give you guys a special transportation service!

I made a stink bug catcher (jumbo taxi) by a plastic bottle.


This is very easy to make, but it's very useful.

Easy to catch them and I don't get the stinky smell on my hands.

And the next day, many stink bugs are having a party in the living room again.

Then I got an idea!!!

I heard insects bar(where you can taste many insects) is a trend in cities. Did you know?

This would be the biggest betrayal to my friends, but I decided to eat them.

Today I caught 9 stink bugs.

Actuary, I have tasted a stink bug in a market in Mexico before. That was not too bad taste, so I didn't have barriers to eating them so much.

So I checked the internet how to eat stink bug. And I find someone tried 4 different kinds of stink bugs and checking how the tastes are different.

The article says, "Roast quickly to taste and enjoy the real stink bug taste"

OK, I did what it says.

My kitchen is filled with stimulating exotic smell while I was roasting them.

My wife me to the kitchen and said "Ugh, smells so bad!! Ohh No! You are using my favorite fry pan!"

So she opened the window fully with irritated.

Today's shink bug is a standard kind of stink bug in Japan "Kusagi Kamemushi" smells a bit like coriander.

OK, let me taste without seasonings.

I put one into my mouth timidly...






That was far away over my imagination.

It sent me another world.

Exotic smell spreads all over in my mouth.

This is not edible at all.

It was like torture for me.

I still have 8 stink bugs left.

I don't want kill animals with no meaning. But it's too hard to eat them all.

Then I put some soy souse and sugar and cook again.


Taste not good at all even after the seasoning.

(But thinking about stink bug, get roasted and been said very bad taste. I am very sorry...)

So I googled how to eat stink bug again. Then I find out a standard way to eat stink bug is "taking the smell out of them and cook.

This time was not a success, but I will try someday again!

Entomophagy is featured for space food and food insecurity measurement.

You can get protein efficiently from insect comparing homeothermic animal.

It's less environmental impact, and it's economic friendly.

One day near future, I think we can buy insect food in the convenience stores soon.

Would you try eating bugs?

When you catch bugs, you'd better check the farm around if the farmers using pesticide.

In addition, my mouth and stomach were smelling stink bug for a few hours after eating them. You'd better check the right cooking way if you try.