Soba restaurant "Kyobuan"

I was born in summer, so I like hot summers and the sceneries of summer.

I like sunflowers very much because it seems to give me the energy to keep up with the summer heat.

You can have a meal while watching such a summer view at Soba noddle restaurant "Kyobuan".

Their natto mochi and soba noodles are really delicious.

There is a sunflower field at the back of the store, and you can also enjoy watching them from inside seats and outdoor terrace seats.

My stomach rumbled just at lunchtime, so I went to "Kyobuan" with excitement.

And I was looking forward to seeing their sunflowers but they are already gone.

So I asked the staff about the flowers.

"It was the best time to see them the week before last The week."

Oh no...

The owner and the staff said, "They bloomed like this for this year."

And showed me the pictures of the sunflowers.


Straighten up to the sun.


Wow, it's so beautiful, and there is a path through the sunflower field. It would be fantastic to walk there.

I missed the best time to see sunflowers.

But I don't miss Kyobuan's delicious soba (lol).


I had a "cold oroshi soba noodles with fried natto mochi" for this time.

Oroshi meens "grinded daikon radish".

And Natto is fermented soybeans and mochi is rice cake.

As it was a hot day, the cold soda was the best choice.

It is delicious eaten as it is, but it is also good to dip it in the soba broth!

It was very delicious.

I heard that sunflower seeds will be harvested properly and planted next year as well.

Actually, this field will become a field of cosmos.

I look forward to autumn as well.

I missed the best time to see the sunflower field.

Don't miss the taste of Kyobuan.

Cold soba is ready to eat!

◎ Natto Mochi and Soba Kyoubuan