River crab hunting

It's been melting weather these days even in the Kyoto mountainous area Keihoku.

I have no air-conditioner in my house, my electric fan is working with no break in the day time.

But it gets cool in the night time, so I'm glad to live in Keihoku.

I didn't want to go out because it's so hot.

So I decided to give a self hunting home education to my daughter.

Today's game is river crab.

They inhabit in the river in front of my house.

We went to the river to hunt river crabs.

Just ten minutes after started hunting, we hunted three of them.

Mission complete!


One each for me, my daughter and for my wife.

My daughter and my wife have changed their mind so I cooked a crab just for myself.

The cooking method is simple deep frying.

1. Pour olive oil into the pan

2. Warm it up

3. put a crab in it

Crab died instantly with a deep-fry crackling sound.


My heart was feeling an exitment and a guilty at the same time by looking at.

We take some one's life then our life can keep going.

I served it in the dish and completed!

Looking beautiful shape.


I put no seasonings on it to enjoy the taste.

So I tried it.

My first impression was it's very hard.

It was much harder than I thought.

But I could feel good taste after chewing for a while.

It could be a good snack for beer.

I do not think that I would want to have them for my daily meals.
It's good to know I can eat them for an emergency situation.

Please heat well, if you want to try it.

Because they may have a parasitic worm inside their body.

Please check this article too 「Entomophagy " stink bug"」