Keihoku soul food "Natoo mochi"

Can you guess what's this wooden thing on the photo?

This is called "Karausu".

We use this tool to thresh grains and pounding mochi(Rice cake) using foot.

Using lever rule, this doesn't requied a lot of power to use so even children can use it.

Great tool isn't it!?


Local NPO "Furusato Keihoku Hokosugijuku" give a mochi making workshop.

Members of NPO are senior local masters from Keihoku.

They try to carry the local traditions to future generations and vitalizing Keihoku.

納豆餅 蓋する.JPG

After pounding mochi, Put natto(fermented soybeans) in it, and put kinako(soybeans powder) around it.


Japanese and Korean students joined the workshop this time.

They seem to enjoy cultural exchanges.


I joined the delicious fun cultural exchange nad had a natto mochi too.


I had it with brown sugar.

Thank you, senior local masters!