Wild Satoyama sharing

Mr. T comes to our office sometimes suddenly.

Mr. T "Hey how you going!? Would you like some dear!?"

Me "What!? Dear!? Meat!?"

Mr. T "Yes, I got a piece of venison from a hunter friend."

Me "Yes!? Yes, please!! Thanks!"

Mr. T "Do you have a knife and cardboard!?"

So I prepared a knife and cardboard for him.

Then our office became a temporary butcher shop.


Mr. T "This part is loin. It's tender and tasty. don't cook it too much just sear it.

Mr. T "This part is round. You can make a venison cutlet."

Me "Sounds yum."

After the lecture we share the meat with everyone in office.

It's great present isn't it !? This is Keihoku style.

Thanks Mr. T !

I will give a report on this blog when I cook the venison. Don't miss it!