Venison cutlet cooking

The other day my friend shared me a piece of venison.

So today I asked my wife to cook something using the venison. (check the previous blog shows you how I got the venison.)


(The bigger one is round, and the smaller one is loin.)

To start to cook them,

first of all, I put them on the cutting board with no plan.

Well, what shall we cook?

OK, no idea, give up!

So I asked Mr. Google.

As a result of my research, we decided to make a venison cutlet that seems to be the easiest to make, needs no preparation.

I used only round meat this time.

So the venison cutlet recipe is released!!
Revealing a chef's secret recipe of venison cutlet!

(It's probably the same as the basic recipe for pork cutlets.)


Cut the venison into pieces.

② Coat the cut meat with flour.


Dip them in mixed egg and coat with bread crumb.


Fry them in oil with medium heat.


For safety reasons, it's better to cook it well to kill parasites they might be living in.

However, it will get hard if you fry it too much, so be careful not to fry it too much.

Serve with cabbage, pour a sauce on them, and it's done.


It was a kind of light taste(not much fat) and very delicious.

It tasted like a pork fillet cutlet.

This time, the venison was well blood drained, so it was not gamey at all. It tasted excellent.

All gibier meat tastes different. The taste depends on what they eat, season, adult or child, male or female, and more.

Also, It depends on how the hunter treats it after they hunt. Some gibier have a unique gamey smell.

If I have a gamey meat. I could notice it's dear meat straight away.
I think many people don't like the gamey taste very much.

I personally love venison with low fat and high protein. And it's organic and free range.

In Keihoku, deer are familiar to us. I see them every day. So eating venison made me think about we are taking dear's and something's life to live.

If you want to try venison cutlet,

You can Chef's venison cutlet at the restaurant Keihoku.
It's delicious, so please give it a try.

Restaurant Keihoku

P.N. 075-854-0033
15 -2 Machida, Shimonaka-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
Postal code 601 0533

(Closed on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday)