Roast ginkgo nuts!

It's getting colder and colder in the morning and the night.

I have started using a woodstove for the last few days.

My family has the custom to cook something on the woodstove.

It's fun to have a fire in the living room.


I brought ginkgo nuts picked by local high school students the other day.

So we roasted them on the stove.


"Hey chef! Do we need the fry pan?"

"ohh Maybe not."

We put the ginkgo nuts on the stove directly.


Let me check if it's ready or not.

I broke the shell and got a two‐tone nut.


After peel the skin, looking like this.


Tasted fantastic.

And it was fun.

But we should not eat too much. It's toxic.

Max 5 nuts for children.

Why don't you try and taste Autumn!?

It is addictive. maybe by the toxic??