Find a yellow heart shaped leaf to get a treasure!

Have you ever seen this yellow heart-shaped leaf?

It is green in summer, but it turns yellow like the picture in autumn.


Actually, this leaf is a wild yam's leaf.

And if you look closely, you will find a lot of "mukago". (Mukago is baby yam.)

As I walked around the house, I was able to discover some of them.

Of course, I harvest them.


I found them on the ground sometimes. Because they fall by wind easily.

I succeeded in harvesting this much around the house.


Even if you eat them freshly just after picked, it's quite delicious, but I steamed them with rice.

Just put yams in the rice cooker, and press the start button. It's super easy!


They are cooked just right and delicious.

I grated the larger baby yams in the same way as the yam we eat in Japan.


please take a look! This stickiness!

Ohh baby, you are like a real yam.

The texture was the same as the adult yam, the stickiness was great, and it was super delicious.

If you find a yellow heart-shaped leaf, check it out.

There will surely be a baby yam.

They may be growing even in the city, so please look for it.