You are so hot!

We have an enjoyment at home while the season we use a wood stove.

That's roasted sweet potato.

Wrap a sweet potato with a wet newspaper and wrap it in aluminum foil.

It's very easy, my daughter can do it by herself.


Then just put it in the stove.

Just waiting about 15-20 minutes, delicious grilled sweet potato is ready to eat.


Umm yummy, she did it great.

A wood-burning stove that not only warms the room but also offers delicious grilled foods.

It is the best friend to enjoy a cold winter happily.

Neither electricity nor oil is needed, it is eco-friendly and can be used in times of disaster.

Moreover, it is also convenient for drying laundry in the winter time.

What an excellent item!

You are so hot!!

Well, what will we make next, Mr. Woodstove! ?