Winter melon hot pot

The other day, I visited a company in Miyama the next village from Keihoku to do a photo shooting for my work.

When it's over,

"Thank you very much. Take this with you."

The company owner said and gave me a winter melon.

I'm very happy with the unique gifts in the countryside.

Then two days later, when I got home, I discovered the half winter melon in the kitchen.

I thought its looking was a little interesting, so I had a photo session with my daughter.


What do you think?

It is a winter melon ritual.

The dinner was "winter melon hot pot".


I like winter melon! It melts in the mouth.

Hot pot is the best in the cold season.

It's easy to make and healthy with lots of vegetables.

If it's cold, we can enjoy warm foods more.

It warms up my body and my heart.

Let's eat the hot pot and enjoy the winter.