Private kaiseki lunch at cuisine ryokan "Sushiyone"

Keihoku has supplied wood used for the construction of old capital Kyoto for 1200 years.

There were no cars in those days, so people used Katsura river which flows from Keihoku to Kyoto to transport woods by making a raft.

The raft was built with wood, and a rafter got on it and delivered it to Kyoto.

Cuisine ryokan "Sushiyone" in Keihoku Shuzan was used by the rafters and locals.

the other day, I was asked to make a brochure by Sushiyone so I went to photo shooting their kaiseki lunch box.

When I arrived there and was preparing for the shooting, the Okami-san (landlady) Mrs. Shuko Kurokawa brought the lunch box and said.

Okami-san "Please eat this after you finish shooting. If you like."

Me "ARE YOU SURE!? Definitely I would love to! Thank you very much!"


Umm, it looks so delicious.

At first, enjoy it by looking at.

I wanted to eat it asap, so I finish shooting quickly.

(Don't take it seriously. I took the photos properly. lol)

I enjoyed Kaiseki lunch box in the tea room prepared for shooting.

Hmm, hmm!

That was splendid.

Having Kaiseki lunch alone in a quiet place was great.

When I eat meals, I normally have it with family, or friends, or work-related people, so I can not really focus on meals too much chatting with them. But this time I could enjoy every bite more than usual and had a very pleasant meal.

I had coffee at the veranda after the meal.

I was healed by having sun.

It was a delicious job.

The Kaiseki lunch box costs from 3,000 yen (excluding tax) per person and can be reserved by the previous day.

You can reserve it from one person.

Of course, it is also a ryokan, so you can stay there.

The one night plan with breakfast is very reasonable at 8200 yen (excluding tax).

This is also available form one person.

What a great hospitality.


There is a bar attached to the ryokan called "Shu's bar" opens on Wed. Fri. Sta. Where you can drink local sake and obanzai(Kyoto cuisine) made by's very reasonable price, one drink for 500 yen and 3 kinds of obanzai for 500 yen.

I sometimes appear at shu's bar. See you there!
(I've written an article about bars before, so please check here.)

If you want to eat authentic kaiseki! Ofcourse they can serve seasonal kaiseki dishes according to your budget, so I recommend that too.
Actually that their specialty.

Wild boar hot pot is very nice for the coming season.

How about traveling alone, or traveling with friends, or having party with everyone at Sushiyone?

Okami-san will welcome you in her kimono.

And one more thing,
Okami-san is tea ceremony and kimono expert, so if you are interested in experiencing Japanese culture, please ask her out when you visit Sushiyone.

Cuisine Ryokan "Sushiyone"
Phone: 075-852-0032
Shimogaichi 15-2, Shuzan-cho, Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto