Healthy drink "Amazake"

I caught a cold on weekends by having cold days and busy days of the end of the year.

Are you doing okay?

When I catch a cold, I often drink amazake a sweet non-alcoholic sake.
(*Amazake: a sweet drink made from fermented rice.)

Amazake is also called drinking drip infusion because it's really healthy.

Various types of amazake are sold, but amazake made only with rice and rice koji seems to be very good for my body. Of course, the taste is also good.
(*Koji: a kind of fungus used for fermentation)

you can buy good quality ready-made amazake at supermarkets. I got a brown rice koji from a friend that was found in my fridge, so I decided to make my own amazake sake.


This is brown rice koji.

Amazake can be easily made at home.

All you have to do is make rice porridge, and add rice koji, and keep it warm in a rice cooker overnight.

In my home, I made it using the heat of a wood stove. (trivet is laid under the pot so as not to get too hot.)

Note: Do not overheat it. Koji koji fungus die at 60 ° C.

If koji die, it will not ferment, and lose its nutritional value.

You can use a gas stove with a pot, but if you want good quality, better to use a rice cooker's warm setting.

I recover by drinking amazake and sleeping well.

Health comes first. Thank you Amazake.

I heard keeping good bacterias in the body is really good for our health.

It's kind of a trend in Japan.

How about trying a healthy diet starting with amazake! ?