winter solstice custom

It's winter solstice today, called Touji in Japanese. We have customs for the day, eating pumpkin and yuzu and tahking a yuzu bath
. Yuzu is a citrus fruit and it has a strong aroma smell.

My wife cooked pumpkin and yuzu dishes at home.

This is a simmered pumpkin with soy sauce and sugar.

This is daikon radish with yuzu miso dish.


Yum, yum.

Yuzu and pumpkin are very nutritious they are healthy.

After dinner, we had a yuzu bath.

A yuzu bath warms the body up and soothes dry skin caused by the cold of winter.


This winter has been warmer than usual, but it seems to get as cold as usual at the end of the year.

Let's eat nutritious food to get ready for the cold and survive the winter!