Sunchoke stew

Do you know sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke)?

A root vegetable looks like ginger.

I didn't know about sunchoke until I moved to Keihoku. (Sunchoke is Kikuimo in Japanese.)

It is native to North America. And it was introduced to Japan as an ornamental flower during the Edo period, and now it has spread all over Japan and now they grow wild.

I've heard that it grows will in the riverbed of the Kamo river in Kyoto city center.

It grows naturally, so it's relatively easy to grow.

I found them in the roadside station Woody Keihoku. I bought them.

Sunchoke contains inulin and seems to be good for losing weight and diabetes.

The texture is like lotus root.

I like to eat it deep fried. If you fry it, it becomes soft and delicious.

You can eat it raw, so you can use it as a salad, you can enjoy the crunchy texture.

This time, I asked my wife to make a stew using sunchoke.

Sunchoke still has a crunchy texture after cook and delicious.

I think sunchoke is a rare vegetable you don't often see at supermarkets.

If you find it on sale in Woody Keihoku, please give it a try.