Satoyama Christmas

Christmas illuminations have lit up in the world. It's so Christmas mood everywhere.

We don't usual decorate our house, but why not!? We should decorate and enjoy the Christmas.

So, today we decided to make a Christmas wreath.

We went to walk around the neighborhood to find the material for the decoration of the wreath.


Let's find something good material for the wreath.

It is fun to walk on the fallen leaves, making crispy sounds.


Got a red berry!

DSC_5172.jpgGot acorns, pine cones and yellow leaves!!

We could find many good things in the street.

Put all picked items on the wreath.

Can she do it well?


She put a lot of cedar leaves on the base of the lease.

We cooperated and finished it!
Graaaaaaaa!!! wreath lion.

We set up the wreath on the entrance. Phew, now we are ready for Christmas.

"Yes, Mr. Santa could come to our house " my daughter said, with a satisfied face.