Rubbish treasure

One of the greatest thing living in Keihoku is you can always go for trekking. I can even go to trek every morning. But actually I can't wake up.. because it's too cold in the morning for me.

I pick up rubbish in order to clean the mountain while I'm trekking. When I took a rubbish back to my home, my daughter says "Dad! Did you pick up rubbish again !?"

So I always tell her, "Rubbish is not natural thing so we must put them in a bin, right?"

The surface of rubbish got corroded with time and its looks really cool sometimes.

I've been telling my daughter" should put a rubbish in a bin", but my correction of the rubbish art piece are increasing more and more.

Please please please pick up rubbish if you go for trekking because my correction will get increased more!

Or let's go to find up a treasure together!