Winter morning scene

My biggest morning task is taking my daughter to a nursery.

When it snows, I want to enjoy looking at snow and relax.

but I have no time for it, we have to finish my task on time.

This morning, thanks to my wife, she took off the snow from my car's windscreen so I could save time a lot.

Start the engine and warm it up....and let's go!!!!!



My daughter was making a snowman while she was waiting.

And she said "I wanna take him with me!"

"Oh no no no no! I'm sorry, you can't take him in the car. He is gonna make the car wet."

I regret who I reacted. My mind was too busy just trying to get to a nursery on time.

But mydaughter has a great attitude to enjoy a life anytime anywhere.
I should learn the attitude and have a playful heart like her.


No snowman in my car please.

thank you.