A sign of the spring

Buds of a plum tree in my garden are beginning to swell little by little, so I felt the sign of spring.
Sunday morning, I would idle myself slowly slowly by having the sun light in the garden. It is very nice to feel the spring is coming and birds seem singing happily. After staying at the outside for a while, it is still cold, so I evacuated into the house. The temperature of the outside was 3.5 degrees.


?? I felt inside of the house is colder...

Yes, I'm right, it's only 0.5 degrees.
So it's colder than the outside.. It's already 10AM.

This phenomenon happens in the old house sometimes.

Should I open the windows to get a little bit warmer air coming in or turn the heater on?

Of course, I turned the heater on.

Deer Mr. or Ms. plese please come here asap.

I'm super ready for welcoming you.