Finding the spring

It's very warm today, even in the mountainous area Keihoku.

The clothes dry well because the weather's like a spring.

Other staff kept the previous blog about fuki no tou (butterbur shoot), why not going to find the spring, so I took a walk around our office.

Found the muscari.

It's very cute looking. It seems like a sticking out blue hut from bush.

Grass got new leave but that has been eaten by deer.


Buds of cherry blossom are getting to swell.

"Hey mum! Let's go and find the spring together!!"

I remembered the memory with my son when he is a little, while I was walking.

One of the greatest things to live in Keihoku is can feel the four seasons.

I think Keihoku is a great place for raising children.

The coldness, the warmness, scenery of flower blossoming, and the clearness of water in the river.

We enjoy using our five senses fully.

It was wonderful Indian summer today. I really appreciate the nature of Satoyama.