Barter trade

One day, my friend came to our office.

And he asked me "can you make some photocopy for me?"


I gave him the photocopy, and he was offering me a coin.

Then I said to him,

"Ohh no worries, I can't take it. Come again with some snacks."

Next day, same my friend came to our office again with a bag.


"Here you are, thank you for the photocopy. I got them from my backyard. Have them with everyone."

He gave me a lot of kiwi fruit.

Two photocopies became heaps of super organic kiwi fruit.

Thank you! Thank you!

What a fantastic return that is the Satoyama style.

So I shared the kiwi fruit with friends and colleagues.

Money is very convenient keep running the social economy smoothly,
but in a capitalist society it seems that the value has been measured on one value axis.
Satoyama has many values ​​that cannot be measured with only the value axis of money,
such as nature, mountains and rivers, lifestyle and culture cultivated there, and cooperation. I will keep up
spreading satoyama culture to the world.