Satoyama picnic

The duration of sunshine got longer and it's getting warmer day by day.
My daughter likes picnics.

If the weather is good on the weekend, She will prepare for a picnic from early in the morning,

and saying "Let's go on a picnic! Let's go on a picnic!"
OK why not!? Let's go on a picnic! Take out the leisure seat, make a lunch box, take out the table.

Yes, we are ready.

Let's go the spot.

Today's picnic spot is

our garden again!!

DSC_7327.jpg I feel the taste 3 times better, when I have food outside with my family. The cherry-blossom season is coming soon, why don't you come to Keihoku? You could have private cherry-blossom viewing and party.

Please check the Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama all to yourself to get to know cherryblossoms and restrant infomations in Keihoku.