Keihoku history telling

The other day, I joined the Keihoku history telling event at "Kikuya cafe" in Kuroda Keihoku.
Keihoku's 3 legends are invited as teller were born in 1940 in Keihoku.
They told us their lifestyle were different from now when they are young.
And said "Remembering the old days, everything is convenient now" with their smile.

No raw seafood in those days in mountain area, all fishes like mackerels, salmons, herrings were salt preserved.

Every family made miso and soy source at home.

No motor tractors for farming, using cows for cultivating the farm.

What I was most interested in was that forestry has been supported the economy of Keihoku so long ago, locals used made a raft using logs and flowed down to Kyoto city central. And the rafters walked back to Keihoku through the snowed mountain trail.
What tough people they were!
It would have been a much harder than I could imagine.

The owner says "let more people know about Keihoku and I love to vitalize Keihoku "

If you are interested in living in rural Japan, why not visit us?

Some foreigners are living in Keihoku area and mountainous Kyoto area.

Kuroda Satonoeki Project (Kikuya cafe)