Spring wind

It has been getting warm recently in Keihoku.
I was thinking of changing from a winter tire to a summer tire for my car, but we had snow yesterday.

This morning, the snow on the plum tree melted, and it looked like a sun catcher and it was beautiful.

It gets cold in the morning and evening, but I feel warm spring winds in day time.
It is warm and pleasant as the temperature rises to 12 or 13 degrees in sunny days.

Our plum blossoms have not bloomed yet, but Keihoku plum blossoms are also beginning to bloom.
My sons are happy getting sun light.

And my daughter is enjoying playing snow.
Probably it would be the last snow play for this season.
(I wish...)

Please check the Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama all to yourself to get to know good cherryblossoms viewing spots and restrant infomations in Keihoku.