Secret wild spring flower

In the morning after the rain, I met my neighbors when I was taking a walk near my house.

And I talked to him "Hi how are you? We had not much snow this year, so will the blossoming of cherry blossoms be early?"

He answered me that "yes might be. You can enjoy other spring flowers too. Did you know wild spring flowers are blooming now nearby?."

He knows a lot about wild plants.

And he told me "Let me tell you where you can see a very rare flower called "Coptis Rhizome" that used to grow around this mountain but people took them too much. Then now I know only one spot it's growing."

"Do you know why People took the all flower ?"

"Because it is a chinese medical plant has bactericidal action and anti-inflammatory action, and it has been used as a stomach medicine for a long time."

So It was very precious.


So he told me where I can see Coptis Rhizomes are blooming.

I found many little white flower. Cute!

However, it is really sad and regrettable that flowers have been overhunted.

I hope that flowers will bloom a lot again.

And I want to keep this Keihoku nature for future.