Satoyama cherry blossom information

There are a lot of (Hanami)cherry blossom viewing spots in Keihoku.

The area of Keihoku is almost the big as Osaka City, and the population of Keihoku is approximately 4,700, and the population of Osaka City is approximately 2,690,000.

The population density is extremely low. That means you can have private Hanami party everywhere.

The photo posted is a cherry tree along the Yuge River west side of Michinoeki Woody Keihoku and was taken on April 3 of last year.

There are also many cherry trees along the Katsura River on the south side of Woody Keihoku.

I have had a Hanami party on the south side of Woody Keihoku.

It was just us only.

Maybe Locals are so busy for the preparing farming or they know better spots.

Anyway it was very beautiful.

I recommend you this spot because it is very easy to access.

Why don't you buy a bento lunch box in woody Keihoku and have a hanami party along the river in Keihoku.

This picture was taken at March 19 in the same place.

They are not ready yet.

To find more unknown Keihoku Hanami spots, please read this blog「Have an old cherry tree in Satoyama (farming landscape near the mountains) all to yourself