Satoyama cherry blossom information 2

Did you know there are many species of cherry tree in Japan?

I know only "Someiyoshino" , "Shidare zakura (weeping cherry)", "Yae zakura" "Yamazakura(Moutain cherry)".

But there are about 600 species.

They bloom defferent timings in all season.

But of course, many species of cherry bloom in spring time(March and April).

I found a cherry blossom at river side in Shuzan Keihoku.

I thought it is plam tree, becourse I thought it is bit earlly to bloom for cherry.
(Generally plam trees bloom earlyer than cherry tree.)

This cherry must be a early blossoming specie.

Do you know how to distinglish between plam blossom and cherry blossom?

This picture is cherry blossom.
The tip of cherry flower's petals are spirited.

This picture below is plam blossom.
The tip of petals are rounded and you can smell sweet smell of plam.

They look very similer but they are slightly defferent.

And cherry trees have more blossoms than plam trees.


Nearly full bloom.

This one is another species.
Not ready yet.


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