Keihoku cherry blossom info 7

The cherry blossoms along the river in Shuzan are in full bloom.

Trees are mainly Somei Yoshino specie.

(Shot today April 12)

The weeping cherry at suspension bridge is full bloom too.

A friend from Singapore told me that

"How Japan is smart!? Planting cherry blossoms all over Japan. It's so beautiful. It definitely attracts so many foreign tourists. We don't have this"

"Well, It's not planted for only foreign tourists, though..." I said.

I think Japan's four seasons and cherry blossoms are very special For someone from tropics like a Singapore.

There is not so much green in Singapore. It must be nice for them.

By thinking so, I'm glad that I'm Japanese.

I Gotta enjoy the four seasons and the spring!

Let's have a hanami party in Keihoku! You don't wanna miss it!