Grandma's farm

In the morning, I saw my grandma on her farm.
And I asked her,
"What are you gonna grow for this year?"

She answered,
"I haven't sowed seeds much yet for this year. It's been a bit funny weather, wasn't it? had sudden snow, and cold.
follow me, show you around.

This is onion seedlings.


This is onion with a bud from the last winter.


Working on the farm is secret of my grandma's health.

Our grandma's farm is an organic farm.
Thanks to grandma for the delicious beautiful vegetables.

The flowers were blooming from the winter vegetables.

This is a daikon radish flower.

This is a Chinese cabbage flower.
Looks interesting.

I did not know vegetables have such cute flowers exist before moved to Keihoku.

Feeling the four seasons from the farm is one of the best parts of Satoyama living.