Satoyama creation

What do you think about raising children in the countryside?

I think children grow more freely in the countryside.

But also I think that how parents treat their children is important too.

Recently, my five years old daughter says to us often,

"Show me, show me something〜"

This means "Let me watch animes on the internet."

When we are busy with housekeeping or work we let her watch some animes.

And we watch animes together sometimes.

A few days ago, we watched "ninja Hattori". My daughter's recent favorite.

Great works go beyond generations.

Japanese animes are great. You should watch them too.


No, I'm not writing this blog for promoting animes.

So if she is watching animes all the time, then it's "same" living in a city.

Living in the countryside surrounded by nature, we should enjoy this beautiful nature!

"No more animes today!!"

My daughter got angry at when she was told.

but she would start drawings, playing house and other things using natural materials.

She likes to make a secret base by using cardboard when she plays in the house.

One day, a kind of tippy had appeared in our yards.


She made it with using wood for the main structure and using dry grasses for the carpet, and veins for decoration.

It's awesome, Isn't it!?

I think it is awesome!

I'm always surprised by children's imagination.

Raising children always give us a new way of seeing the world.

It's only a few that parent can do for their children but I want to support my children to grow their creativity.

maybe not support, try not to disturb them.

Keihoku is the best place to unleash
children's creativity.

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