Little pleasure of Satoyama life

I see the landscape of rice fields every day on the way to work.

It was beautiful to see that this morning. The mountains were reflecting on the surface of rice fields.

It was a really nice day, so I took a walk at lunch break.
And I saw various flowers.

What is this flower?
Little white flowers are gathering together.
It's very cute.

When I was looking at the flowers while walking that reminds me the way back home from school when I was an elementary school student.

There are dandelions by the small white flowers.

I remembered dandelion fluff blowing competition with my friends.


There are also vetches nearby.

I used to make a whistle by vetch and blowing it.


my nostalgic memories of my childhood came back to me by looking at all those flowers.

So this is my little pleasures of Satoyama life.